Who am i

Hamza Makraz photo

"It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." ― George Mallory

  • Trekking lover and hungry to learn more new stuff all the time
  • Software Engineer
  • CyberSec enthusiast, wanting to make a jump into it in the future

A Software Engineer that is fascinated by computer science, Cybersecurity and the ocean of the web, I went through the marvels of this breathtaking digital world with a lot of opportunities to be part of many creative projects & start-ups and worked on many exciting projects that shaped my knowledge and gave meaning to my academic and professional achievements.

The experiences, experiments and challenges that I went through during my high-education journey gave me a clear vision on what I know, what I want and most importantly about what motivates me the most.

Creative, Methodical and thirsty-to-learn engineer that focuses on problem-solving and thinking out-of-the-box which ultimately makes me interested in the changes that happen every day in the IT-sector and proposing solutions to them-unsolved problems, or thinking of improvements of the already-made solutions.